Social Media is not a subset of the internet, it IS the internet.


Social Media for Institutions is powered by VR&C Marketing Company. We offer social media training services, social media management, and web design services. We teach communications officers, Public Relations officers, brand managers, and marketing professionals how to create and manage top  performing social media campaigns for business. We use our decade long social media experience to help businesses grow and meet their goals. 


Our Services

We do one-on-one training, corporate, and group trainings where we teach social media skills and techniques that businesses can use to generate leads, launch their campaigns, and tell their stories. See All Services »

Why Social Media for Business?

Social Media for Business helps you build brand loyalty  with  customers. Do it right and they will become unofficial brand ambassadors who share your story with their social network. 


Social Media for You

We are happy to train you one-on-one for a more personalized social media learning experience or you can join one of our quarterly group sessions.


Social Media Training gives you the tools you need to launch campaigns that will grow your business with social networking.

— Vickie Remoe, MSc


A Top 10 Service

Our clients trust our expertise, and social media knowledge. Each session offers hands on practical training, and customizations.